Winged Elves of Perfect World M by Redfinger

Winged Elves

When Perfect World M, a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Perfect World and published by Tencent with IWPLAY WORLD as its representative, made its debut on the Google Play and App Store application stores on June 27, 2019, it quickly gained massive attention from players throughout the world. Transforming from the popular MMORPG Perfect World throughout China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, and beyond, Perfect World M features beautiful cinematic visuals, extraordinary aerial combat, and the selection between three races: Human, Winged, and Untamed.

Unlocking the Force of Might: Elves with Wings

The Winged race is the embodiment of the love between gods and humans in Perfect World M. The males of this lineage have been blessed with the “God-given wings” known as Wing Feathers, and the females have been given the “God-given feathers” known as Winged Elves. These Winged Elves have the advantage of being able to take to the skies with their wings and they possess a natural kindness and detest violence. However, if they are pushed to their limits, they will make use of their divine powers to protect themselves from harm. In battle, their enemies will learn the hard lesson of regretting their actions too late. They are not adept with bows and arrows, but they are unmatched in their skill with healing and spiritual powers, such as curses, and can manipulate the forces of nature to employ wind, thunder, and lightning.

The Winged Elves are renowned for their proficiency in character roles as healers and supporters. Although they are linked to the Wing Feathers, they have a decreased level of offensive capabilities due to their half-human lineage. Therefore, those looking for characters with high offensive output may find Winged Elves to be a less suitable choice. Nevertheless, they excel in health points and skill effects. Most of the Winged Elves’ skills are centred around healing, allowing them to heal a large amount of health for themselves and their allies. Furthermore, they have a special power to bring back fallen teammates, making them a critical part of any team. Additionally, their command over the elements of wind, thunder, and electricity enhances their combat strength, allowing them to launch powerful attacks on their enemies.

The art of aerial combat is represented by Winged Elves wielding a variety of throwing weapons. Their innate ability to fly is aided by various wings that are their primary means of transportation. Players can briefly fly by activating the lightness skill multiple times during gameplay. Upon the completion of the level 15 “Skyfaring Power” quest, they will receive a special flying device, the “White Wings,” that symbolizes their progress and advancement.

Revealing the Infinite-Demonic Framework: Climbing to Greater Heights

Once reaching level 69 in Perfect World M, players can attempt the “Celestial-Demonic Profound Heaven” instance in order to break through the eighth cultivation realm and achieve a transcendent state known as “Transcendent Immortal-Demon.” With this accomplishment comes the introduction of the highly anticipated Immortal-Demon system. This system grants players access to passive skills with different auxiliary effects, as well as the potential for modifying the effects of combat skills and redefining the role of the Winged Elve within the game.

When the Immortal-Demon system is activated, players can switch between two different modes – the Immortal Winged Elve and the Demon Winged Elve. The Immortal Winged Elve mode improves the Winged Elve’s ability to heal and support their team in group fights. Conversely, the Demon Winged Elve mode increases the Winged Elve’s attack strength while weakening their opponents.

The Winged Elves race in Perfect World M have an incredible strength and have drawn the attention of many due to their enchanting looks. This makes them the go-to choice for many players. Should you be interested in trying out each race, then you can easily utilize the Redfinger Android emulator to get the game. The emulator can help you establish multiple accounts, thus providing you with the chance to experience the different races in the game.

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